Our Mission

One Heart is a not-for-profit organization that was established on June 11, 2010, out of Liberia. One Heart’s primary focus is to change the future of orphaned and abandoned children living in poverty in Liberia, and in time to come to see communities transformed through education, leadership, and empowerment and most importantly – love.

We care for children in schools, communities and other places that our affections can reach, presently we are supporting 10 children in primary schools and reaching up to homes to provide a safe environment for families. Through this mission, we hope to achieve a lot through our work and to make the world a better place for all.

We are taking care of health and also training others within their communities to take learns what we teach to enable every community to help themselves while we are far.

We have set a series of goals to impact on a wide variety of people, all aimed at improving the living conditions and future of the next generation.

Our goals are:

  • To break the cycle of poverty that prevents parents from providing for their own children…we do this by providing training and small business funding to empower parents to help themselves.
  • To provide nutritional food to children that would otherwise go hungry…we do this by establishing a large farm to generate fruit and vegetables to feed our children and assist the local community.
  • to provide hope for a new future to unlock the potential within orphans…we do this by establishing schools and children’s boarding homes that provide a loving family environment and an education where the children can be raised and nurtured.
  • To create an environmentally, financially and socially sustainable village where children can flourish for generations to come.

All our initiatives in Liberia are designed to break the aid-dependence cycle so recipients no longer have to rely on handouts…so they can stand on their own two feet and walk into their future with dignity and confidence, free from poverty, persecution, fear, and oppression and have the resources to raise the next generation.