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One Heart Organization is open for donations

Volunteer hours served in 2018.

lbs of food distributed in 2018


All profits towards hunger relief

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Hunger Relief

We distribute food to local communities, schools and family that are not able to afford


We are open to get help from anyone who’s willing to help us with what we need to carry out or aim and objectives


Our Doors are open for donations any time you call on us


We join people around the world, within our country to advocate for what is right under all laws of a child and abuse of human rights

Who We Are

The foundation of our organization is based on adapting our model to the cultural and spiritual beliefs of each and every community where we work. Read More


Our organization’s activities, services, and programs are consistent with our stated mission, compatible with our organizational capacity, respectful of the interests of our varied constituencies, and managed with the highest level of professionalism.

care and loyalty 

As an organization, we enable all our staff members and partners to exercise their duties with care and loyalty. Decisions are made in good faith. We do not use our position for individual personal advantage.

Our Projects

Working everyone is our greatest happiness, we make sure we help those that call on us to render services that are in our reach. Our projects are based on what we see suitable to help the society with in a given time needed.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Help a child, a mother a father today by feeding them with what you have, clothing them with what you afford, sheltering them with what is affordable. 


OHO events are mainly done academicly with institutions, secondary and primary institutions 

Scholars Day

A Day we set aside to make student value their academic achievemts from schools that give us the best student(s) from their institutions

Service by servants

Everyone deserve to be happy, we set this day aside to give to the less privileges’, street kids and less fortunate 

Teachers Appreciation

Teachers are highly appreciated by us to help encourage them for the hard work they are affording to kids in empowering them to be better people for tomorrow 

A Day To Get Into School

A kid from the community will be awarded a scholar for a year under our student reach out day to help in education a child

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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